We provide a holistic healthcare solution.

We work with all types and sizes of clients, individuals, organisations, stakeholders and care homes.

RHS are healthcare experts who have supported clients, companies and people across various sectors for many years.


Our Main Services :-

  1. Domiciliary Care
  2. Mental Health Provision
  3. Carers Support
  4. Health Care
  5. Meal Preparation
  6. Outreach Mental Health Support
  7. Personal Care
  8. Sit-in Service
  9. Advocacy
  10. Appointeeship
  11. Broad Social Community Support
  12. Daily Living Tasks
  13. Training


Our Services Include:-

  • Meal Preparation
    Our preparation service will include preparing healthy meals for customers as well as assistance with preparation, planning and serving.


  • Health Care
    Our service will include medication administration, collection from pharmacies), and to provide support to individuals who are unable to take responsibility.


  • Appointeeship
    We can manage customers’ finances and budget planning. An appointeeship is where an individual or a representative of an organisation is nominated to claim a person.


  • Advocacy
    We can accompany customers for physical health checks and appointments, as well as facilitate people to help you express their views, wishes, and to help.