We aim to provide quality social care services to the elderly, disabled, and people of all ages, physical conditions, and cognitive abilities who would like to remain living at home, yet require assistance with certain daily or weekly activities. Working closely with clients and their families we provide personalized assistance in the client’s own home, the hospital, long-term assisted living facilities, and other places of residence.


RHS is a social care agency that will provide personal care services in the private sector.  It will offer safe, high-quality, organized personal care for persons living in their own homes, who by reason of illness, infirmity or disability are unable to provide it for themselves without support.


Although care and support workers may be directly providing the care themselves, it is more probable that they will be providing the care jointly with the person needing assistance and encouraging them to do as much as possible for themselves in order to maintain their independence and physical ability.


As there is an emphasis on caring for people with complex health and personal care needs, living in their homes instead of in residential/nursing homes or long-stay hospitals, the stipulation of personal domiciliary care service is evolving its reach and reflects adjustment at the line between health and social care.


Homecare Services in your home usually involve one or more visits a day for relatively short periods, possibly up to an hour, to help with the everyday tasks of life. The service doesn’t have to stop there, and longer visits are available, including overnight support or even live-in care.


Whilst traditional home care is a major part of what we do, we provide all sorts of support, including cooking, shopping, sightseeing, holiday companionship and visiting friends and relatives.


We believe in offering a flexible service and if you need help with something, you need only ask, and we will do our best to support you.


Over the coming years, we aim to provide a wider range of services to include adult people with:-

  • Dementia
  • Mental Health
  • People with an eating disorder
  • Learning difficulties
  • People detained under the Mental Health Act
  • People who misuse drugs or alcohol
  • Sensory impairment
  • Physical disability


Your Homecare Support plan will be designed just for you. We will talk to you about what you want, and respect your wishes throughout.


Our list of services include :

  • Personal care
  • Meals
  • Domestic assistance
  • Hospital discharge
  • Holiday companions
  • Respite care
  • Rapid response
  • Palliative care


We offer fully personalized service and if you have a requirement that is not included above please feel free to contact us.


We differentiate ourselves by finding and employing the very best caregivers who believe in and perform their work according to the high standards of excellence in quality care set forth by Rings Homecare Services.


As our client base grows we may consider adding additional services that would complement the current list of services.