RHS aims to develop a variety of flexible social care provision, training and recruitment services, with a culture of excellence. RHS has renowned links to the community, business and industry, and for supporting clients.


Our Vision

  • Transforming people lives through social innovation and care.


Our Values


  • Respect

We respect all clients, employees and stakeholders irrespective of their background, gender, ethnicity or race.


  • Dignity

We are fair and transparent in our decision-making and actions, respecting all peoples equally. We are determined to achieve our goals and continually strive to enhance RHS for the benefit of all.


  • Empathy

We will apply our collective and individual creativity to conceive and develop new social care ideas, implementing them for the benefit of the clients we serve in a caring and emphatic manner..


  • Empower

We greatly value working collaboratively, supporting each other and helping everyone to achieve their potential and empower others. We endeavour to make the right decisions even when it is difficult to do so.


  • Caring

We take decisions and act in a caring manner which respects client needs and demands in a win-win scenario, and which best supports those who work with us.